How should I prepare my dog for the photoshoot?
Please plan to take your dog for a good walk right before the shoot, it makes them more relaxed and cooperative to have that extra energy burned off a little beforehand. You’ll also want to bring your dog some small treats to keep them interested in me during the course of the shoot. If your pup is into squeeky toys, bring those too! Anything to help provide focus is a wonderful help.

Should I get my dog groomed?
If you choose to have your dog groomed, I recommend you have that done a day or two before the sitting rather than on the same day. A grooming and a photo session on the same day can be very stressful!

Can I share my pictures on my website/Facebook page? Or submit them to magazines/blogs?
I'd love it if you shared your photos, but please give Furtografie Atlanta textual credit and give me a heads up if it's being submitted to a magazine or blog publication. I'd love to link to it from my Facebook! Also, please don't alter the photo in any way (i.e., photo filters) - the end products from your session are my artistic expression and personal touch, which is hopefully why you chose me as your photographer in the first place :)

When do I get to see my photos?

I will send you a link to your private online proof gallery of all the photos from your session within 2 weeks. From there you will pick your favorites, the number depending on your package.

Why should I purchase prints, enlargements, or canvases through Furtografie Atlanta when I can get them cheaper somewhere else?

I have learned the hard way, you really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to photo printing. Honestly, most common labs (think Walmart/Walgreens) do a fairly decent job printing these days, but nothing can compare to a professional print lab. The colors are richer and truer, and they are printed on high quality paper, not to mention that they also use special coatings to protect against fingerprints and fading! Here is a good article about it:

My dog is nervous/won’t sit still/not trained/etc. will that be a problem?

I would love a heads up to any of these issues, but I never see them as a problem. Even well trained dogs can act differently around people they have just met! I recommend getting to your session a little early so that we can spend some time to feel each other out. My style is very relaxed and I tend to go with the flow of the dog and their personality, which results in some great photos!

What if I have to reschedule?

Weather is always a concern, after all, we are in Georgia! I will always recommend rescheduling in the case of rain, no biggie. Should you need to reschedule for reasons outside of rain/weather, I ask for at least one week notice. For multiple reschedules, a $50 fee will be applied.

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